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2014 - Reconnecting Kids with Family In 2014 I returned to Khandbari for the 3rd time. By now I was very connected with many of the children and also knowledgeable of their family backgrounds. The primary purpose of this trip was to reunite some of the children with family members. (continue...)                                                               
Important Note:  It is important to understand that all trips to Nepal are self funded and no money donated to help the children will be used for travel expenses incurred by organization staff. This is explicitly specified in the bylaws of the organization.
Rabin with his uncle in the village of Chewa
2013 - Bringing Mum to Khandbari In 2013 I returned to Khandbari to visit the children. On this trip I brought my mother, a retired psychotherapist. Although her specialty area was not working with children I figured she would be better equipped than I am to assess the general state of the children and recognize any problem signs.  (continue...)
Leaving Makalu (5th highest mountain) base camp
2012 - Trekking to Makalu / Meeting the Children In 2012 I organized to go trekking to Makalu Base Camp in Nepal. The trip was to be a celebration of my 40th birthday (perhaps a little late..). I was looking for a region off the usual tourist trail but still offering the scenery and challenges associated with classic Nepal Treks. (continue...)                              
All Photographs (c) Michael Fingleton
Welcome from the Locals in Waleng Rabin in the CCRC Hostel in Kathmandu
2015 - Sundar and Sammar’s Return to Yaphu I had two primary goals for my 2015 trip:   -Bring Sundar and Sammar to their village to look for family   -Bring Rabin to Kathmandu to visit prospective +2 schools                                         The visit was a huge success   (continue...)
Rabin and Sundar Reunited in Kathmandu
2017 - Sundar’s Move to Kathmandu, Sammar in Damak    I traveled in April 2017 to move Sundar to a new school and hostel in Kathmandu During the trip I also went to Damak to find Sammar. Read report here    (continue...)
2016 - Rabin’s Move to Kathmandu                                                                                I had two primary goals for my 2016 trip:   -Relocate Rabin to a good school and hostel in Kathmandu   -Organize post SLC education for Kopila                                          Both objectives were achieved   (continue...)
Rabin and Sundar Reunited in Kathmandu
2018 - RajKumar Meets His Brother    The main goal of my 2018 trip was to reunite RajKumar with a brother who he didn’t know existed. We also took the kids to spend a few days in Seduwa in the hills.  (continue...)
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