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Mission Nepal Orphan Fund is established to help orphaned, abandoned and impoverished children in Nepal. The goal is to ensure these children can reach a level of education that will allow them be self-reliant productive members of Nepali society.  [more..]
Organization’s Philosophy Small Charity No paid staff or other unnecessary overheads eating funds. Keep  the organization and problem undertaken small enough to be managed by volunteers.   Direct Aid Pay education, accommodation and living costs directly when possible. A Past is as Important as a Future Reintegrating children with family when possible. Most children in Nepali orphanages are not true orphans but rather victims of the economy. Fund Will Not Pay Travel Expenses of Administrators Any travel to Nepal, even for organization business, will be self- funded. Transparency and Accountability The organization will operate in a transparent manner such that donors will know each of the promises above are being honoured.
Nepal Orphan Fund
A California Based, 501(c)3 Organization
All Photographs (c) Michael Fingleton
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RajKumar with his older brother
Welcome Khinamaya and Bhumika We recently admitted two new children to the orphanage in Khandbari. They have no father and their mother recently received a 25 year prison sentance.
Visit us at the Irish Fleadh in Mountain View  May 11th/12th 2019 As in previous years we will bo hosting an information booth at the Irish Fleadh in Mountain View. The fleadh (festival) is a free event with music and Irish dancing performances. Drop by and say hello. Visit the Silicon Valley Irish Fleadh Website
Khinamaya and Bhumika
Shova, Sangita and Sandhya move to Kathmandu The three older girls have now moved to a hostel in Kathmandu. They are attending entrance classes and preparing to sit the entrance exam for nursing college.
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